February 27, 2016

Personal Coaching Sessions





“Every time I have a coaching session with Jordan, I gain clarity within myself, my direction, and my next action steps. She creates a safe space for deep inner exploration while asking thought-provoking questions which become a catalyst for me to “do the work.”  Jordan challenges my old thought patterns and beliefs which hold me back from moving forward.  She holds the vision of where I want to be and works from the premise that I am a fully capable, creative and courageous being.  My life is changing as a result of the insights and perceptions I’ve gained through my sessions with Jordan.” 

Patricia S.


People don’t buy coaching, they invest in services that help them improve their lives and live a life better than the one they have at the moment. Do you have an inspired mission to help them? 

Here’s how we can bring your inspired mission to coach to life…together!





Ready to say Yes! to moving forward? 

You’re ready to make changes and want a little help with clarity and perspective. You’re ready to say YES! But you’re not exactly clear about what that means. In your Yes! Sessions we will explore your ideas, your vision, alignment and ways that your inner “yes” can move you forward.

It’s your time to explore the important decisions that you have to make and get a better understanding of how to say YES! to your next mission inspired move.  The Yes! Sessions include four coaching sessions with one follow up session 30 days after the the final session.

  • Four private sessions
  • Collaborative goal vision exploration
  • Measurable goals
  • Activation

Investment: $1000




It’s time to Engage! and activate your inspired mission!

Your inner YES is strong and you’re ready to go! Now it’s time to create the plan that’s going to get you there. What are your options? What tools do you need? What do you have that you can use and what have you been using that you can get rid of? As the leading Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith says: What got you there won’t get you here.

The Engage! Sessions are like having your own personal “think tank” with one focus in mind…Your success! Ready to move past just saying yes to your bold move and into powerful engagement with it? Great…let’s go! The Engage! Sessions include eight powerful sessions and one follow up session 30 days after the final session.

Investment: $1900




A partnership for the Journey!

You are SERIOUS about transforming the way your work and life look going forward. For you it’s not about the
YES! or the Engage! It’s about getting on the road and starting the journey. These sessions are focused with action, activation and movement. What vehicle are you going to take? When do you want to get “there”? What does getting there mean to you?

The Journey! Sessions are not for the faint of heart, but for those laser focused individuals who know that success is not “if” it’s “when”. You just need to create an environment that will foster success.

In the Journey! Sessions, your coach becomes a part of your success team. At this level, many leaders and coaches feel alone. You don’t have to feel or be alone as you move forward in your bold journey. You have a coach and collaborative partner to go with you.

Space for Journey Sessions is limited. When the spaces are filled this coaching path will not be available until a Journey! Session client transitions to the next level.

Journey! Sessions are a six month commitment with an investment of $10,000

Ready to start coaching? I would like to meet you! Please fill out the contact form to schedule an Introduction Conversation.