When you Look for Brilliance in Others You will Find it

Written by on March 20, 2019

When you Look for Brilliance in Others You will Find it

Want to have impactful coaching sessions? 

We have the option to train our eyes and our hearts to look for the brilliance in others.

What you look for is what you will see. 

Have you ever gotten a new car and suddenly you see that same car every where you look? Seeing brilliance works the same way. If you become sensitive to brilliance you will see it in people around you.

When coaching a team member, a client or a customer, look for the brilliance. Move past the perceived “problem” to see the person who is dealing with that problem.

Hold your judgement and seek to understand.

Most people (notice I said most) don’t mean to be difficult. They are using the skills or tools they have to tell you something is wrong. Sometimes those skills or tools are not very good.

Look for what’s going on inside…listen carefully and caringly.

Listen for clarity, What’s going on around the words or attitude the person is having? Explore, ask questions.

When you look for brilliance (or the best) in someone, you will see it. Once you see it, speak to it. We are in relationships with people, not problems, at work and at home.

The next time someone freaks out (age give away) about something that’s happening hit the pause button before responding. Slow down, listen to the person, not the problem.

People are brilliant.

When you look for brilliance in others you will find it