The Heart as a Present and Future Super Power

Written by on February 15, 2021

The Heart as a Present and Future Super Power

Twelve new technologies emerging at the same time. “We’ve never been here before”. That is a statement from Investor, Cathie Woods of Ark Invest. What is her strong advice? Look to the future not to the past. Among some of the emerging industries and technologies are autonomous cars, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and energy storage. These developments will help us do things better, faster, longer and stronger.

What happens when the past, like the year we just lived through is so disruptive that norms are no longer norms?

These are questions that leaders in every single sector are asking themselves. Some are realizing they are better now than they were before, some are lost, others are waiting for things to go back to the way they were.

For all…there is an invitation during the chaos and that invitation is to the heart to connect.

While we cannot escape the fact that one day our packages will be delivered to our front door by drones or that we can expect to see a driverless vehicle pass us on the road. There is something that we can count on and that is the power of human connection.

Things like inspiration, passion, purpose, and warmth are very much in demand perhaps more than before.

Those who live and lead from the heart will gain greater market share and step into unclaimed leadership just by going where others are not able to go.

The opportunities to bring heart-centered impact crosses all industries and all sectors. While the consensus is that we need innovation, we also know we need human insight that connects to purpose.

To reap the benefits of this supe- power, the heart, it is important to know how to first live from the brilliance of your heart then use that brilliance to plan, speak, lead and inspire others.

Bring on the emerging innovation and bring on the heart. We need both.

Success is not just what is done, it is what is felt. Those feelings are often attached to meaning and purpose. And they are important.

New and uncharted territories are in front of us, we need to have new ways of thinking and being to create the future that awaits…that future includes the heart.