September 27, 2017

The Essentials Master Class for Coaches

Essentials Master Class


No matter what your level of experience, certification or credentials as a coach your commitment is to continue to grow and hone your skills so that you can be the most effective at serving your clients by helping them move forward.

The Essentials Master Class is for coaches who want to strengthen their foundation and move to the next level in their education. This 8-week class will focus on often missed essentials of coaching and teach you how to apply basic yet powerful tools to help you become a skilled professional coach in practice and operation.

Each week the class will focus on a different skill set and give you tools, resources and first hand instruction from the Master Class accomplished educators.

The course work will include books, lectures and resources from outstanding coaches, thought leaders, trainers and professionals in the coaching industry and the industries that support coaches.

Launching this fall, The Essentials Master Class curriculum incorporates the best in coaching tools and resources and how to use them to build your coaching practice and help your clients make the important shifts they want to make.


The Essentials Master Class features 8 modules:

Module One:


Master Agreements


How do you prepare your business so that you and your clients are legally protected and all your essential agreements are in place? The first module will be co-taught by a coach attorney who will help you understand the most important factors when it comes to creating the necessary agreements and paper work to support your coaching practice. How do you handle refunds and cancellations? How do you handle possible mental issues with your clients and when to break confidentiality to save a life or give much needed care? We will also cover coaching insurance, what is covered, what is not and how to easily (and affordably) you purchase insurance for your business.


Module Two:

Master Charisma


One main question new coaches ask is how to “show up” as a coach when they begin their business. They are often challenged by things like how to come across as confident and assured. Not everyone is born “charismatic” but just about everyone can learn to the master the skill of charisma. Charisma is the ability to connect with others and create long lasting influence for good. This module will help you develop your own charismatic style and to naturally connect with clients and others in your community in more meaningful ways. In this module, we will look at ways you can better under your personal charisma and gain tool to strengthen it.



Module Three

Master Resilience

What happens when sh*t hits the fan and you encounter obstacles that were not a part of your plan? Adversity is a part of any successful endeavor even in building a coaching practice. This module will give you tools to become resilient in the work that you do and provide insight on how to keep going even in the face adversity. What does adversity look like for a coach?

-Working with a difficult or angry client or clients who have potential mental disorders and need to be transferred out.

-Working with difficult partners.

-Corporate internal issues with coaching partnerships.

-Difficult communication issues.

-Low client roster.

-Work life demands and balance.

-Two “job” transition phase.


Be prepared before a crisis happens so that you can keep your business moving forward.


Module Four

Master Your Offerings

You’ve spent time and dedication honing your coaching skills but how do you bring your services and offerings to the world? Marketing Specialist joins the Essential Master Class training to answer your questions about pricing, packaging and presenting your services online and on your website. In this module, we will cover:

-Creating your pricing structure.

-The pros/cons of putting your pricing on your website.

-The dangers of hourly rates.

-How long does transformation take?

-How available do you want to be?

-Creating your “lobster” or big ticket item.

Module Five Master Self as Coach

A coach can only take their clients as deep as they are willing to go themselves. This simply means that the coach must do their own inner work to become the effective coach that that they want to become. Some of the topics covered in this module:

Assessments – Who are you?

What is your success marker?

What does your “inner support” system look like?

The gift of Emotional Intelligence.


Module Six Master Deep Exploration and Awareness for the Client

How do you create an environment that allows your client to do the deep work and make transitions the want to make? What are the benefits and challenging to helping your clients go deep so they can move to the next level of their desired outcome.


Module Seven Master Learning

Not so fast past the learning phase in the client process. One way to anchor the coaching conversation is to explore with the client the learnings and take-always from the session. This is important for the client to do before they move on to the next phase of the process which is usually includes actions, goals and accountability. You will learn creative ways to guide your client through identifying their most valuable learnings during the coaching session


Module Master Technology

What about the website and other essential tools needed to “go to market” from a technical point of view for your business? This module will cover 10 tools that will make your online life easier. We will talk about websites and web hosting, scheduling tools, calendars, photo editors, video and more. If you have a good resource or tool that you use feel free to share it with the class in this final session of the training.