December 10, 2017

How We Support Coaches

Coach Training Sessions Support Coaches




We help coaches fine tune their skills and become exceptionally good at what they do so they can have great coaching sessions and experiences with their clients.


That’s what we do. This is how we do it!


How we support coaches: we listen to what coaches need to be effective in working with their clients. Going through coach training is just the beginning of your training. Every advanced coach keeps going, is constantly learning from others and learning from their clients how to be an effective coach.


With this in mind this is how we support coaches:

The Essentials Master Class

Advanced training to help you strengthen your coaching and operational skills. The Essentials Master Class Series is a collection of classes that will help you master various elements of the coaching relationship and engagement with your clients so that they will get the most benefit from their coaching session with you.


Mission Inspired Live Coaching Workshop

Have you thought about group coaching with a live workshop? Holding a live workshop is a great way to bring your coaching services to the community that you want to serve. This training will help you define your audience, identify what their needs or pain points are and help you create a live coaching workshop  so you can connect with and serve them in a way that will help them meet their goals. One two hour workshop can bring you in new clients that agree to work with you in your one on one coaching sessions.


Practice Coaching Sessions

The question is often asked: Where can I go to get more coaching practice? Practice coaching will allow you to get a solid grasp of the coaching session by giving you the opportunity to be the coach and practice your skills. You will get feedback from the client on how your coaching helped them to move forward.


Mentor Coaching Sessions

Mentoring sessions will give you training and feedback on your coaching and how to expand your coaching skills. On each mentor call you will have a coaching lesson that will teach you process and insights on how to structure a transformational  coaching session with feedback from your mentor coach.


ICF ACC Mentor Coaching and Coach Knowldege Assessment Test Preparation

We support coaches seeking the ICF ACC credential, you will need to meet a set of requirements that include mentor coaching. This training will provide mentor coaching hours as well as a training session to help you prepare for the CKA test.


On Site InService Training

Every corporation or organization can benefit from in-house coach training. You can bring a live coach training to your organization, one that is customized to meet your specific needs. The return on investment include longer employee retention, alignment with your vision and goals and better team communication.