Essentials Coach Master Class



The Essentials Master Class Series for Coaches will help you develop advanced coaching skills that improve your coaching sessions and help you have outstanding experiences with your clients. 


Summer Master Class Offerings & Meet the Instructors:

Master Agreements with Attorney Beverly Davidek

How do you prepare your business so that you and your clients are legally protected and all your essential agreements are in place? The first Essentials Master Class module will be co-taught by an Attorney/Coach Beverly Davidek, who will help you understand the most important factors when it comes to creating the necessary agreements and paper work to support your coaching practice. How do you legally handle refunds and cancellations? How do you handle possible mental issues with your clients and when to break confidentiality to save a life or give much needed care? We will also cover coaching insurance, what you need, what you don’t need.

Throughout her legal career, Beverly’s practice areas have included family law, criminal law, insurance defense, school law, employment law, estate planning, business law, and corporate law. She also served as an Assistant District Attorney prosecuting child abuse and neglect cases. Beverly is an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry, having co-owned and -operated a holistic wellness center based in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband Dirk. She holds certifications as a personal development coach, nutrition coach, blood microscopist, raw food chef, and ThetaHealing® practitioner. An admitted essential oils junkie, Beverly has a thriving essential oils business, which she balances with her busy coaching and law businesses.

Beverly’s greatest accomplishment has been raising three phenomenal gentlemen – Gerard, Steven, and Nick — who remind her every day, without saying a word, why she does what she does.

Master Trust & Connection with Your Clients with Jordan Mercedes

New coaches often ask is how to “show up” as a coach when they begin their business. They are often challenged by things like how to come across as confident and assured. Not everyone is born “charismatic” but just about everyone can learn to the master the skill of charisma. Charisma is the ability to connect with others and create long lasting influence for good. This module will help you develop your own charismatic style and to naturally connect with clients and others in your community in more meaningful ways. In this module, we will look at ways you can better under your personal charisma and gain tools to strengthen it.

Master Resilience with Carol Pinciaro

What happens when sh*t hits the fan and you encounter obstacles that were not a part of your plan? Adversity is a part of any successful endeavor even in building a coaching practice. This module will give you tools to become resilient in the work that you do and provide insight on how to keep going even in the face adversity.

Here’s what adversity looks like for a coach:

Working with a difficult or angry client or clients who have potential mental disorders and need to be transferred out.

The inner critic that may keep you from fully stepping into your leadership as a coach.

Corporate internal issues with coaching partnerships.

Not sure about your message or how to stay motivated.

Low client roster.

Work/life demands and balance.

Working two jobs during the transition phase on your way to full time coaching.

Dealing with blocks and limiting beliefs.

This module will help you prepare before a crisis happens so that you can keep your business moving forward.

Carol Pinciaro Has spent over 25 years working with professionals as a negotiator, trained mediator and facilitator. She holds a certificate as a Professional Life Coach and is Co-Owner of Sedona Life Coach.  She says that sometimes the difference between success and struggle is a shift in perspective.

Master Your Offering/Package with Mary Cravets

You’ve spent time and dedication honing your coaching skills but how do you bring your services and offerings to the world? Marketing Specialist Mary Cravets joins the Essential Master Class training to answer your questions about pricing, packaging and presenting your services online and on your website. In this module, we will cover:

  • Creating your pricing structure.
  • The pros/cons of putting your pricing on your website.
  • The dangers of hourly rates.
  • How long does transformation take?
  • How available do you want to be?
  • Creating your “lobster” or big ticket item.

Mary Cravets is a Client Generation Expert and International Speaker who works with driven, busy coaches around the world to help them fill their practices with great clients without working nights and weekends. Using her methods, the majority of her clients quickly increase their income 50-100%.

Master Cross Cultural Connections with Maria Robles Samaniego

the essential master class cross cultural coaching

Coaches are no longer limited to coaching in their region, the profession is global and those coaches who understand how to approach cross-cultural coaching will be more successful and effective. This module is lead by therapist and coach Maria Robles Samaniego. She coaches English and Spanish speaking clients and will share her insights on coaching clients who may not have English as their first language. If you are interested in cross-cultural coaching this will be an especially beneficial training session.





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