Written by on April 24, 2021

I have these sunglasses. They are new, have that classic style that I am often drawn to and I like the way they look on my face. I keep them in the car so that they are handy when I go for a drive. The problem is, I never put them on. Because as much as I like these glasses, I cannot see clearly out of them. Instead of a crisp vision of what is in front of me, my sight is blurred, I do not feel safe wearing them while driving. I take them off, but I do not throw them out. I am waiting for something about this situation to change because I invested in those glasses and they should work…but they do not. I am waiting for permission.

The permission is a tricky thing. Ultimately who has it and who gives it?

This question might be lodged deep inside the mind and heart when it is time to go to the next level and an endeavor. You might find yourself waiting to make a move but not clear about what you are waiting for.

Or who you are waiting for.

There is a thought process that says “I’m waiting for someone” that someone might be a spouse, a mentor, a partner or a friend, a team mate a Director, the Owner the Founder, the upper management, the person who started the meeting.

The list goes on.

While this sounds well and good, give it a bit of reflective scrutiny.

What will you have when those people arrive that you do not have now? Or what do you think you will have?

What will they give you? How will they make you better? Or help get you ready?

Here is a big question…what will you do if they never come? Often, there is an inner pull to do something, start something, pivot or create something, but instead of action there is hesitation.

Then, instead of naming the hesitation there is a temptation to name the perceived obstacle. Consider this, when it comes to moving forward toward your fire might you be waiting for permission?

When you are sitting in that meeting and hesitant about contributing because you think your voice is being blocked by someone else in the room. Is that true? Or might your voice be blocked because you have not given yourself permission to speak?

Permission can be a tricky imposter. It can hide in the corner and whisper falsehoods that sound and feel real.

You can challenge the whispers by asking a few probing questions:

What is standing in my way of taking the next step toward what is calling me forward?

What is true or untrue about the permission I need to take the first step?

Do I want to keep having the same experience that I am having? What is the next experience I want to have with my team, in my company, in my community?

You have permission to change what is not working so that you can free up space for something that is a better fit for you.

Change may not be easy, you may have to do a bit of research to find a better fit, that is a part of the process. For your real fire to burn, it will require you letting go of what may block your vision in exchange for what helps you see clearly.

Yes, I invested in those glasses, could not see clearly, time for a new pair. Permission granted.