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What If You Set Your Heart On Fire?

Heart Ignited 8-Week Quest

Fire Blocks

Sometimes things block your ability to live with an inner fire. Simple things like being busy, over-working, under realizing, over-thinking, settling and the big one is living in an unconscious manner. These things can cause the heart to dry out and to smolder instead of burn at the fullest capacity.

Clear Space
The big question? How to get rid of the buildup or the overgrowth that chokes out the fire. In the Clear Space segment, we will go deep into how to clear space and open up places that are blocked, how to live in your “now” season as you move toward your “new” big burn way of being.

Create the Burn

You have moved the blocks, cleared space and now you are ready to get ignited. This segment of the coaching sets you up to experience your deep fire burn. What does it sound like, look like and mostly, what does it feel like? Burning feels like something. Creating the burn is an explorative segment of deep coaching where you are supported in bringing your unique identity to the creative burn room to start and live your fire.

Deep coaching for powerful results.

Heart ignited coaching is a 3-phase process that starts with identifying the dry or blocked places, then moves to clearing, or becoming conscious which is the core of true transformation.

From clearing to “becoming”. You are lighting up in ways that matters most you. You will see things you never saw before and will express yourself as you begin the work of living with heart aware impact. This is the place where you are no longer warmed by the fire of others, you are warming others with your fire. 

Your heart, your ideas, your passion…your brilliance. The results? You live better, lead better get more comfortable with your intentional inner flame. Another result: It feels good to be and live with your heart ignited. We are not drones…we are beautiful, brilliant, wonderfully made people.

“To have the most impact with your life know yourself (identity), know your craft (expertise) and know your heart (meaning | purpose).”  Heart Ignited Impact is a conscious decision to step forward and bring what you have to the world in an unapologetically powerful way.

“To have the most impact with your life know your self (identity), know your craft (expertise) and know your heart (meaning | purpose).”  Heart Ignited Impact

Exponential Growth

What to expect from Executive Coaching. 

You have already made outstanding accomplishments. This precision coaching intensive is designed to help you move to the next level, a level that you define. Coaching is not a modality that considers fixing something that’s broken, rather a growth approach to helping you realize and enhance your strengths as you discover how to build greater capacity. The premise? You have what it takes to make an even great impact at work and in life outside of work. Sometimes getting to your ideal “Fire Zone” starts with getting consciously in tune with your dead zones.

Who is Executive Coaching for? 

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Owner/Founders 
  • Coaches
  • Teams
  • Individuals in transition. 
  • Leaders who are ready to increase their leadership capacity and impact.
  • Those who desire to build a new aspect of their business or life.

What You Will Learn

  • How to increase your ability to identify your unique area of “fire expertise”.
  • A repeatable process that you can use over and over to clear space and stay burning at the level that’s optimum for you.
  • How to talk about or verbalize your fire and get supportive “feed forward” on how to speak your fire message clearly so that the world around you can grasp that message.
  • How to re-engage deep meaning about your own fire.
  • How to be a fire ignited leader and help your team operate from fire integrity.
Next Steps

The Heart Ignited Impact Quest is an 8-week group coaching event offered quarterly and limited to15 participants. 

Due to the highly interactive and shared learning environment, participants are required to apply to attend a Quest so we can ensure best fit, compatibility of mission and goals for group members. 

The Quest includes: 

  • 8-weeks of group coaching with coach Jordan Mercedes. 
  • 2 personal coaching sessions with Jordan. 
  • Ample prompts and exercises for deeper clarity and reflection in group and out of group. 
  • 90-minute group sessions, weekly for 8 weeks. 
  • Invitations to private Heart Ignited events following completion of the intensive to provide continuous growth and learning.  
  • Are you ready? Reach out using the following form: