June 13, 2017

Jordan Mercedes

I work with leaders and coaches who want to go to the next level in their mission and work in life.

Maybe you’ve already followed a path that’s lead you to success but now you want to do things a little differently. You feel the nudge inside  telling you there is more. More looks different for everyone.

For you it may be writing the book, starting the non-profit or leaving the job that you’ve had for years simply because it’s time and you’re ready for an adventure.

You are ready for your BOLD MOVE.

I partner with clients to create forward moving strategies to help boost their ability to confidently take action and to do what matters most to them right now.  Our strategic sessions help you go from idea to activation.

I’ve been told that my work helps clients knock out fear and resistance, and look at  the things that have been holding them back straight in the eyes and go toe to toe with them until they are stepping into their greatest impact and contribution.

One client even said that it was the support and encouragement that he valued the most. Because of it he took his business from one that blended in with the crowd to one that positioned him as an industry leader.

Coaching is about moving forward and creating new pathways to get where you want to go.

For me, the best part of coaching is getting to partner with brilliant, innovative, heart-centered people who never cease to be amazing. They are truly committed to living  their BOLD mission!

When I’m not coaching or training, you can find me on the path to discover a great new dress, traveling, playing the guitar and dipping my toe in CrossFit conditioning, thanks to a great trainer named Mike (see, we all need a little help getting to where we want to go). I’m energized by the success of those around me and love watching things being built from the ground up. I’ve had my share of successes and I’ve had my share of defeats…I’ve learned from both.

I get things done one revelation at a time using the same tools I help my clients use. In the end, life is about fully doing and expressing what matters most to you right now in this moment, at this time. If there is one thing that I want to be remembered for it’s believing and seeing the best in every person that I meet.