March 3, 2016






No matter what your level of experience, certification or credentials as a coach your commitment is to continue to grow and hone your skills so that you can be the most effective at serving your clients by helping them move forward.


The Essentials Master Class is for coaches who want to strengthen their foundation and move to the next next level in their education. This 8-week class will focus on the essentials of coaching and teach you how to apply the most basic yet powerful tools to help you become a skilled professional coach.

Each week the class will focus on a different skill set and give you tools, resources and first hand instruction from the Master Class accomplished educators.

The course work will include books, lectures and resources from outstanding coaches, thought leaders, trainers and professionals in the coaching industry and the industries that support coaches.

Launching this fall, The Essentials Master Class curriculum incorporates the best in coaching tools and resources and how to use them to build your coaching practice.


The Essentials Master Class features 8 modules:

Module One:

Master Agreements

How do you prepare your business so that you and your clients are legally protected and all of your essential agreements are in place? The first module will be co-taught by attorney who will help you understand the most important factors when it comes to creating the necessary agreements to support your coaching practice. We will also cover coaching insurance, what is covered, what is not and how to easily (and affordably) purchase insurance for your business.

Module Two:

Master Conversation