You’re a Better Coach than You Think You Are

I love coaching coaches. I love it because when I coach a coach I am changed.  Coaches are incredible people. They have the heart, love, passion and mission to help others live fuller, more expressive lives. That’s the easy part of coaching coaches What’s hard about coaching coaches is they often get stuck in not seeing[…]

Listening Skills Set Coaches apart from Other Professions

Our best coaching questions come from our clients, from the experiences they’re having in the moment. That’s why it doesn’t help to have a spectacular book of coaching questions to guide the coaching conversation. The best questions come from  what’s going on inside the client.  That’s how you know what to ask next. Listening is[…]

What Matters Most?

What matters most to you right now? Not what mattered two years ago or even five months ago. What matters most to you right this minute? Is it home or family? Maybe you’ve spent your career building a great company, product or service and now you want to put more of your heart or focus[…]

What Do You Want from Your Life as a Coach?

What do you want? When was the last time you asked yourself that question and really gave an honest courageous answer? What do you want? This question is one of two questions that are the cornerstone of serving my clients. The other question is: What matters most? When I ask my coaching clients the “what[…]