You’re a Better Coach than You Think You Are

coaching coachesI love coaching coaches. I love it because when I coach a coach I am changed.  Coaches are incredible people. They have the heart, love, passion and mission to help others live fuller, more expressive lives.

That’s the easy part of coaching coaches

What’s hard about coaching coaches is they often get stuck in not seeing their work clearly or the impact it can have on the world around them. This keeps them from stepping fully into coaching with ease and confidence. In many ways, they don’t think they’re good enough.

I can understand why. Yesterday I hopped on a webinar about the future of coaching. It was one of those “do this or else you’ll be broke and your family will die of starvation” webinars.

While the presenter had some good points to share about mindset changes coaches need to make, his “dooms day is coming” approach was a turn off. It was based in fear, scarcity and it was anxiety producing when it could have been quite inspiring. He tapped into the thing that most coaches struggle with and blew it up into a frenzy that created a yellow brick road to the solution: his new program.

I wanted to scream back because I coach coaches and I know what they struggle with. In my opinion, this kind of crazy fear based thinking is great for sales but not great for coach development.

Because coaches want to help people and do a great job, they are often hard on themselves and feel like they are never quite “making it”. When they hear a presentation like the one I heard, they think they need to sign up and get one more trick under their belt before they become a great coach.

The truth is:

You’re better than you think you are. You help people make changes and shifts. You care, listen deeply and provide a safe space for your clients to experience their own deeper awareness.

That’s what your clients want. Become a student of this and you will become a dynamic life changing coach.

When you understand that your work deeply helps people have better lives, you gain the confidence that you need to show up, charge what you’re worth, give back and expand and grow your business.

When it comes to your coach training and development, hang with people who help you see how good you are and who draw that out of you. It will help to shift your money mindset, your courage to ask powerful questions and your ability to coach high level clients.

You’re good at this…you got this!