What You See in Your Coaching Clients is What You Get

Great Coach sees greatness in clientsRecently I was talking to a couple of coaches about our work as professional development coaches. We exchanged stories about why we do what we do and I heard myself telling them that I had the best clients and students that anyone could ever ask for.

Clients show up ready to do their work and students work hard to sharpen their skills and become better at coaching and serving their clients. Leaders come to coaching ready to push themselves past the limits they have been living in. I think they are amazing and show all the signs of becoming a great coach.

One of the coaches I was speaking with said, “Jordan, that’s because of you. They are amazing because that’s how you see them.”

Those words got my attention. In my mind, there is only one way to look at the people I work with and that is to see them as people who are brilliant at doing their own work to get what they want in work and in life.

As leaders and coaches, we have an extraordinary opportunity to choose how to see the people we serve. If we see them as brilliant, they tend to show up that way, no matter who they are or what they are working through.

That’s the mark of a Great Coach

When you reflect the picture of brilliance to your team they want to live into the that. It’s the same if you are always pointing out what you believe to be their negatives, your team and your clients will live into that. Coaching is about the life of the client.

What you see is what you will get. How do you see the people you serve? Are they amazing? Brilliant? Beautiful? Capable? It bet they are. Do you see it?

We help people shift their perspective and to see and believe in different ways. However, the first perspective starts with you, the coach or the leader.

We can all recall hearing stories of people who made major changes in their lives because someone took the time to remind them of who they really are. It may have been a teacher, a pastor or a co-worker. It was someone who told them that they were smart and brilliant and that little bit of acknowledgement was strong enough to help them grab onto a stronger belief about themselves and make important changes.

You have everything you need to be a great coach and a great leader. You have a unique opportunity to see greatness in others. Once you’re good at this skill, the rest of your skills will sharpen as well.

What do you want to see in those around you?

How will they know you see them this way?

What you see, is what shows up in front of you. Look closely, look wisely.

You are brilliant. YOU ARE A GREAT COACH!