What Matters Most?

What matters most to you right now? Not what mattered two years ago or even five months ago.

What matters most to you right this minute?

Is it home or family? Maybe you’ve spent your career building a great company, product or service and now you want to put more of your heart or focus into your family?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about giving more attention to your health or self-care. Perhaps you’re tired of putting off the visits to the gym or taking that hike.

Is it time to start the non-profit or step out in ministry or community service?

What do you want to do differently? What do you want to do better?

You have something inside of you that matters more than other things right now in your life.

jordanmercedes.comWhat is that something?

When I ask this question to clients, they usually go quiet. Not only are they searching for the answer, they are trying to remember, what they forgot about what matters most.

They ask themselves questions like “when did I last think about what matters most to me?” Sometimes they pause and say, “that’s a good question.”

Sometimes, they cry. Not the crazy out of control cry, it’s more like stinging eyes that fill with tears that may or may not spill over.

They know the joy of this question and the pain of the question. It’s joyful because that question hits right at the core of the heart. It’s painful because what often follows that heart stirring inquiry is the weight of not knowing how to make what matters most happen.

This is what keeps you stuck. The overwhelming question of “HOW”. Here’s the deal. You don’t need to know how to do something before you act, and move toward what you want. Waiting for the how to become crystal clear can stall you out leaving you stranded for weeks, months and years. Sometimes the “how” will come as you are in motion.

A few years ago, I was invited to Uganda to speaking to various women’s groups. I’m very comfortable speaking to women to equip and encouraging them. I was completely caught off guard when at lunch I was slipped a note about my next speaking engagement that was going to be at a school. The note said, “I want you to speak to the children about sexual abuse and how to stay safe.” This was NOT something I was prepared to do. I was there to talk to girls and women about personal and professional development.

In that moment, I knew what mattered most to me was to fearlessly serve the people and children who invited me to Uganda. I had twenty minutes to prepare a different talk and decided that I was going to give the talk even though I didn’t know everything that I would say in advance. As it turned out, over 500 students from schools around the region came to the event. I had more to say on the subject than I would have first imagined.


It wasn’t the question of “what do I say” that made the difference. It was the “what matters most?”  question that guided me forward. It can be the same for you. You are not limited by what you know how to do. Exploration and asking more meaningful questions can lead you forward.

So, let me ask you.

What do you want?

What matters most?

Take a moment or take a few days. It’s up to you.

Then, take a step forward.